Miley Cyrus Rushed to Hospital to Get Stitches on Finger –

Miley Cyrus walks down the street with her left index finger bandaged after an apparent injury.

Finger lacerations are a very common injury. Most can be treated at home with cleansing of the wound and application of a band-aid. However, sometimes the wound is severe enough that evaluation by a medical professional is appropriate. The wound might need to be closed, a foreign body might need to be removed, or a deep structure might need have been injured, which could require surgery for repair.

What are the signs that you should go to the emergency department or urgent care center?

  • There is loss of sensation at the tip of the finger. Small nerves run up the side of the finger. A small but deep cut can cut a nerve, resulting in permanent loss of sensation if not surgically repaired.
  • The finger can not be fully moved. If the finger cannot be fully flexed into a fist or straightened to a point then it could be a sign that a tendon is cut. A cut tendon usually will not heal without surgery. Delay in treatment will result in permanent loss of function.
  • The finger is pale and / or cold. There are small blood vessels that supply blood to the finger. A deep cut could disrupt blood flow to the finger tip. This is a true surgical emergency. Without prompt restoration of blood flow to the finger, the finger will likely turn black and die.
  • The wound is relatively large (more than one cm) and / or deep structures appear to be exposed. Often the wound can be closed simply with surgical “glues” like Dermabond. Sometimes sutures are more appropriate.

I hope that Miley has a quick recovery!


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